Andy’s Game


‘Andy’s Game’ is a solo effort by guitarist Andreas Chatzimanolis (aka Hatchma). Featuring Thomas Andreou on drums and Dimitris Bellos behind the mixing desk. Showcasing a variety of styles from Rock/Metal to Pop and Jazz. The project began around 2012 in the context of the cover band FAN’S who were gigging at local clubs around Athens Greece. One of the tracks is a cover ‘Ditch Queen’ by Frank Marino and another ‘E.C.P. Ye’ is in Greek meaning ‘you are the source’.  

  ‘Andy’s Game’ is the culmination of a lifelong musical quest. Experimentation and attention to detail have been intensive, to create an all-inclusive sound.

“The best thing about ‘Andy’ Game’ may be that this guitar teacher isn’t just hitting every note on the instrument … he’s happy to showcase just what a guitar can do. He builds these songs from the ground up … I admire his restraint as much as his talent.”

-Apocalypse Later